Easy-On Bee Hive Covers


Effective! Efficient Easy!


Fits the langstroth 8 or 10 frame two deep hive.

Our Easy-On hive cover is constructed with heavy tear resistant marine grade vinyl and foam board insulation providing a waterproof and windproof insulated wrap. The Easy-On hive cover fits tightly to the hive body using a heavy-duty Velcro. This provides an evenly insulated covering, helping the bees to maintain the warmth they produce necessary to keep them alive. This cover fits just under the hive lid, and does not block the hive opening or the top vent allowing moisture to escape. No tools needed! No staplers, staples or wrestling with materials that have to be replaced every year! It’s easy! Hold the easy-on cover by the Velcro ends with seem side up. Lift it over the hive and adjust for placement, then press the Velcro strip to close. Easy On! Easy Off. Pull open the Velcro and fold the cover in half. The flat cover can be stored for use year after year.

I developed the Easy-On hive cover five years ago. It is manufactured and field tested in North West Ohio. During the 2017-2018 winter many beekeepers around us lost most of their bees to the cold. I used the Easy-On Hive Cover and heated my bees as required for mites etc, and made certain they had feed all winter. I had zero losses. I also keep the Easy-On Hive Cover on through the spring-time. My bees are more active early and maintain the temperature inside the hive throughout the up and down temperatures during the spring. The result is strong hives and more brood to start the season.
— Steve Mccoy

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